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What's New in 2014

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Transmitter Relays Training: Next Training: Sept-Nov 2014 in the UK. Question?

Colorpoint Practitioner Seminar: Next seminar: Sept. 23-25, 2014 in the UK.

Spiritual Retreats:
Who is In July 18, 19, 2014, Boulder, CO.
Full schedule here.

What We Do

We provide information such as What is Colorpuncture, Who is Peter Mandel, it's development and basis in science, and we sell a full line of Colorpuncture products. Some popular links:

Our unique approach includes Colorpuncture Course work, Practitioner Seminar in the Colorpoint Method, and Spiritual Retreats, which goe beyond addressing physical issues, and create a body/mind energy work environment. Read all about the Colorpoint Method here.

Practitioner Seminar

Our next Practitioner Seminar happens in the UK in Williton, this coming Sept. 23-25, 2014. Contact us with questions about this seminar.


There is also a US seminar being discussed for this summer 2014. Call 202 800 5447 for details, or check back here for the announcement.


With the addition of the Satori Meditation Retreat , we have expanded the Colorpoint outreach with more ways to integrate the healing Colorpuncture offers into one's daily life. The Satori Meditation Retreat coming July 2014 is a great way to jump into the exploration of our higher self, the innate wisdome each of us carries, which the Colorpuncture helps to bring out. See our calendar for complete info.


Peter Mandel and Colorpoint Institute


The Science of Healing

Videos on Body Mind Healing:

What is Colorpuncture?

The Living Matrix

If the body and mind are to be correctly connected in the healing process, then any approach to healing the mind must include the body, and vice versa. We have chosen several film clips, from NOVA films and the BBC which document some of the latest growing scientific data which supports the approach we take of how strongly the mind affects the body - and vice versa.

Watch these Body/Mind Healing videos:

The discussion of "body/mind healing" has always been controversial largely because discussing the energetic, or non physical aspect of healing has been up to now a discussion of subjective experiences and therefore outside the bounds of scientific research. On our page on the scientific basis of colorpuncture and body/mind healing we feature James Oschman's book, Energy Medicine (© 2000 Churchill Livingstone). In it he compiles a sampling of clinical scientific research from the last 40 years on the relationship between the individual's energetic/emotional experiences and the effects they have on the immune system, the endocrine system, and health in general. He also offers scientific models for the "energy exchange" that happens between a therapist and client during a "healing session." This small list of sources of research directly supports the Colorpoint Approach of integrating Colorpuncture with active meditations and emotional awareness and release exercises.

Colorpuncture Store

We've recently added several Peter Mandel products to our store: the treatments in sound, are here! Our Colorpuncture store offers the latest, most secure online shopping software available, encrypted and secured via SSL. We offer a full line of Peter Mandel/Esogetics products as well as Colorpuncture intro and advanced courses.