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All of the courses offered from Colorpoint Institute are home learning courses you take in the convenience of your own home - or anywhere you choose. They include email correspondence with the author and director of Colorpoint Institute, James St Clair, for any questions you have about the material in the courses. Below you see the three Colorpuncture Courses exclusively from Colorpoint Institute. There is a fourth one about to be released on the Ellipses Treatments. Together they comprise an excellent foundation for any practitioner, whether mainstream or alternative, for responding thoroughly with Colorpuncture to address clients in a wholistic way.

Colorpuncture Course Level 1 - Entry

$270, Free 2-3 day shipping. Take a Close Look at this Course >

Colorpuncture Course 1

This 57 page Colorpuncture Course workbook is a two week entry level home learning course into the Colorpuncture method. It includes Colorpuncture treatments, meditations, and tuning in methods to actualize the wisdom of the body released with the treatments. This course contains an in depth introduction to Colorpuncture, Active Meditations, and Trance Healing and how to use the various Esogetics tools to administer the treatments. It also comes with a DVD tutorial on use and care of the P117 Lightset.


Price: $270 - Free 2-3 day shipping

Course Level 1 Contents ->.

© 2000-2017 Colorpoint Institute. 57 pgs, 100 high resolution illustrations. Course level 1 is prerequisite for Course Level II.

P117 lightset
Combi 450 lightset

PLEASE NOTE: To administer Colorpuncture treatments which are taught in the Courses offered here, you will need to have either the Perlux P117 Lightset (right up), or the Combi 450 Lightset (right down), plus the Esogetic Oil. These are not separately. To purchase those items please see one of the authorized dealers in Europe. Some suggestions are listed here.

Europe: Instituut voor Kleurenpunctuur, Phone: +31 20 4687865, email:


Course Level 2

$445, Free 2-3 day shipping. Take a Close Look at this Course >

Colorpuncture Course 2

70 pages, 77 illustrations, 32 treatments, Tuning In Instructions - Deeper into the Colorpoint Method. Course Level 2 provides a more in depth comprehension of how the Colorpuncture system works, as well as explains the indications of when to use the treatments, and possible Colorpuncture treatment combinations. Level 2 introduces use of the Soul Spirit Colors, and their treatments. (Soul Spirit Color set purchased separately). It also contains specific instructions on how to incorporate Tuning In into your session, how to determine when active meditation methods are needed, and detailed instruction in Energetic Release.


Price: $445 - Free 2-3 day shipping

Course Level 2 Contents ->

© 2005-2017 Colorpoint Institute. 70 pgs, 77 high resolution illustrations. Prerequisite: Course level 1.


Course Level 3 - Function Circles

$240, Free 2-3 day shipping. Take a Close Look at Level 3 ->

Colorpuncture Course 3

This Colorpuncture Function Circles workbook is a four week advanced level course in the Colorpoint method. It teaches a body level and higher energetic level version (2 versions) of the Colorpuncture Function Circle treatments. It is highly recommended you attend the Practitioner Seminar (see below) to fully understand and use these treatments responsibly. The function circles:


Price: $240, Free 2-3 day shipping

For a complete description of course level 3, the Function Circles, contents, treatments, meditations, and course outline, - or to purchase this course - click here.


Discount: Course Level 1 and 2 together

RETAIL: $690, Discount price: $590 (save $125), Free 2-3 day shipping.

Colorpuncture Courses Levels 1 and 2 together

Course Levels 1 and 2 together in a discount package. Retail for these two together is $690, here it is on offer at $590 with Free 2-3 day shipping. You save $100.


Price: $590 & Free 2-3 day shipping (courses 1 and 2 together)


Discount: Course Levels 1 and 2, Plus Functions Circles Course

RETAIL: $920, Discount: $750 (save $160), Free 2-3 day shipping.

Colorpuncture Courses Levels 1, 2, 3 together

Course Levels 1 and 2 and the Function Circles Course (Level 3) together in a discount package. This comprises all the home learning courses in one package. Retail for these two together is $920, here it is on offer at $760 with Free 2-3 day shipping. You save $160.


Retail: $955, Discount Price: $795 with Free 2-3 day shipping (courses 1, 2, and 3 together)


Suggested reading

Non required, helpfl adjunct reading

Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis
by James Oschman (© 2000). We don't offer this book for sale, but click here to buy at Amazon. Dr. James Oschman, an authority on energy and complementary medicine, pulls together empirical scientific data which explains what happens scientifically when therapists use "energetic healing methods" such as Colorpuncture. It is a great help in understanding what is happening scientifically and energetically between client and practitioner, and how important this relationship is.

OGT Book

Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy textbook - OGT
In the US:
In Europe: Instituut voor Kleurenpunctuur.
©2005, Peter Mandel, 407 pages textbook. This book replaces the out of print Colorpuncture Compendium as the most up to date collection of Colorpuncture knowledge and treatments in an English textbook. It provides much background on the different ground states of endocrine, toxic and degeneration, as well as OGT fields on the forehead. Treatments call for basic colors, Soul Spirit and Greys. With full color graphics.

The OGT book is practice oriented, contains a wealth of images and is laid out logically and easy to understand. The included color plates illustrate the location of the therapy points for easy treatment. The practical application of the OGT is very simple. The OGT opens up new options to treat diseases directly and effectively through the track of the genetic information.

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