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Osho Divine Healing Arts Course, Osho Nisarga Center

Osho Divine Healing Arts: 'The Power of Yin and Yang'

Anand Dhiren

  Anand Dhiren

This course is a re-discovery of the body's natural wisdom and harmony, enabling us to respond to the demands of life with balance, centering and vitality. It is open to all, regardless of previous experience.

It begins as a meditation retreat - an individual healing journey where we learn to recharge ourselves with vital energy and with the joy of life.ÝWe focus us on the power of Yin and Yang; in our body/mind/spirits, and in our relationships with others and with nature. We will explore this dynamic polarity, becoming deeply connected to our male and female energies. We will learn some of the ancient techniques of healing touch, movement and massage, through practice, exploration and theory.

Dates, Location:
At Osho Nisarga, near Dharmasala, India - April 4-10, 2013
Booking and info:
Contact Dhiren at


Essence of Healing is Divine

Osho Divine Healing

When Osho gave us the name for the Osho Divine Healing Arts Training more than 25 years ago, his message was that 'Healing is neither western nor oriental-in essence it is divine. This course is one of the foundation stones of the basic training - inspired by Osho's vision of the new man, the meeting of Zorba and Buddha. This course is one of the five foundations of the Osho Divine Healing Arts Training which will continue in 2013 and 2014 at Osho Nisarga and in Europe.


In this Course you will be learning:

Facilitator Swami Anand Dhiren

Dhiren has been a sannyasin since 1978, and has worked worldwide as a therapist and trainer for more than 28 years. After studying languages, he left for India and lived for many years in the communes around the enlightened mystic Osho, in Pune, India and Oregon, USA. Dhiren also studied the Gurdjieff work in London in the 70ís with Rina Hands, a well-known disciple of Gurdjieff. He was also co/director of the Institute for Love and Consciousness at the Osho Multiversity,in Pune, and has a wide range of experience in bodywork, therapist training, and Tantra training.

He was one of Oshoís original Divine Healers, and co-led the 3 month Osho Divine Healing Arts Training for many years. He is on the staff of Tao Healing Centre in North Germany, offering trainings and sessions in Shiatsu and Traditional Ayurveda Yoga massage.

Dhiren is known for the compassionate humour he brings into teaching sessions, and the insightful ways of supporting people in finding their own higher potential and inner vision.

Venue: Osho Nisarga

Osho Nisarga

Osho Nisarga is a beautiful, lovingly-desgined center located in the dramatic landscape of the Himalayas, and close to the center of Tibetan life and culture at Dharmasala. The unusual comfort and security of the center make it ideal for meditation and learning.



Please enquire for the fees of the course. As soon as we receive your bank transfer, your place is secured and we will ask Osho Nisarga to confirm your chosen accommodation. (Indian nationals please book directly with Osho Nisarga).

divine healing session

divine healing session

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